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There's Always a Reason

It's now March and February just seemed to blow by.  This past month I've been finding myself constantly waiting on things to happen and be done with so I can move onto something else.  That's why I haven't posted in over a month.  I keep telling myself, "Just wait till the house is clean, you've checked everything you possibly can on the internet and your brain is free to think and then you can type up something eye-opening and honest."  Well I can't keep waiting because none one of those things are going to happen at the same exact time, I just have to seize the 10 minutes I have to type and go.  So here I'm going, because all the things I'm waiting on, house projects, life projects, and job-changing projects are not in the current right now.  There's also trying to get some sort of sliver of motivation to work out in same way, shape or form.  You'd think that just because we bought ourselves a treadmill, weight bench …