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The effects of snow

I sit here, on my Friday off from work, dabbling away in things not too important. Laundry, coloring differing shades of sunset colors on white paper, staring outside on our backyard view of the snow, a bright, clear blue sky overhead. I wait endlessly impatient, anxious for 'the' phone call that will get me excited again. I wait for a new job, possibly in the kitchen, working back in my roots, the things I have great passion and interest in. I miss it terribly, it's hard not feeling like you're doing anything majorly productive. You help in your home, you help your husband get out of bed, complaining of his stiff neck and tiredness. You're not use to all this 'non-work' work. But it's okay, this is what God is calling you to be and become. A housewife possibly, but not your average. With no children in tow, you keep yourself as busy as you can be.

There is a black cat named Trouble sitting on the window pane, observing the wildlife outside, f…