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Redeeming the Past

Recently I had a online conversation with one of my 'virtual' friends, Tina, a married Christian mom that I've never met.  She's been very encouraging towards me every time I've talked/asked her about life issues every time I've needed it.   I talked with her about the new movie "Bully" that came out in theaters about several stories of young teens and their struggles with bullying in school and how they're dealing with it.  Seeing the previews and stories of these kids lives seriously struck a chord with me because I was a victim of being bullied when I was fairly young (mainly 6th-8th grade).  Tina let me vent to her about my issues and what I went through and was able to share some very insightful and BIBLICAL examples and now I feel and see thing a lot differently.  If you can relate maybe these words will be encouraging to you too, and mom, PLEASE don't feel bad.  God has taken all this garbage from the past and wiped it clea…