Friday, February 28, 2014

He knows what we Need

It's been almost a month since Garrison went to heaven. We're still healing, putting back the pieces of our new lives and continuing to move forward as God is showing us what's next. There are so many thoughts, memories, stories, and glimpses from our lives to share about our experience of losing him. In order to not overwhelm you with too much right now I will just share about what I know. I will always have opportunities to share more as time goes on and as God reveals more to us in the future but for now I'll tell you what I know.

I know that music is therapy. God can use music to heal our souls and speak to us in ways that normal words can't. This is and was the song that brought healing to us and is still the 'anthem' to Garrison's passing.  I heard it two days prior to that day, reading and hearing the words, believing God was breaking me and preparing me for whatever He is going to do next. We played this at his service, the whole eight mins as we sobbed and reflected on what God is/was doing with us. God knew exactly at the right time what we needed to hear, to bless our spirits and nurture our souls. He has a funny way of doing that, ya know?

Here is "Oceans (Where feet may fail)" by Hillsong United