Friday, January 12, 2007

The effects of snow

I sit here, on my Friday off from work, dabbling away in things not too important. Laundry, coloring differing shades of sunset colors on white paper, staring outside on our backyard view of the snow, a bright, clear blue sky overhead. I wait endlessly impatient, anxious for 'the' phone call that will get me excited again. I wait for a new job, possibly in the kitchen, working back in my roots, the things I have great passion and interest in. I miss it terribly, it's hard not feeling like you're doing anything majorly productive. You help in your home, you help your husband get out of bed, complaining of his stiff neck and tiredness. You're not use to all this 'non-work' work. But it's okay, this is what God is calling you to be and become. A housewife possibly, but not your average. With no children in tow, you keep yourself as busy as you can be.

There is a black cat named Trouble sitting on the window pane, observing the wildlife outside, flitting a bit about in the snow. He's your only company right now, he's good to talk to and a smart cat. He's incredibly affectionate but very fiesty too. He will jump and claw at your legs as you walk past him. As well, sit on your chest while you lay in bed, staring lovingly into your eyes.

Earlier, my husband trekked out onto the icy and snowy ground, careful not to slip like he did last night, giving him a small case of whiplash. Yelling another "I love you!" I stood in the doorway, watching him, going farther away into the unbearable cold. Destination: bus stop, then to work, to make us a living, treading away at endless design and graphic logos.

William does things that I would never be able to attempt. He's a thinker and a dreamer, he can see beyond many possibilities. He pushes you to love on others and strives for furthering the kingdom of God. He shares compliments of praise and adoration towards me at the time I need to hear it the most. He needs encouragement and support while he's making positive life changes. I too am trying hard to make a change in my lifestyle and health. We look forward to the summer, possible vacations together, basking in the sun, away from the snow, away from the cold.

On Food:

Making a 'healthy' version of quiche later, with egg beaters, spinach, onions, frozen peppers, turkey bacon, a little milk, seasonings and a very very small dash of parmesan cheese in the green can :) Later...grilled salmon on the 'doesn't get enough credit for the awesome things it can do' George Foreman grill and possibly some brown rice cooked in chix stock. Nummers!

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Becky said...

Hooray! You are here! I'm so glad... Now I can post on your blog. Love you TONS Leah! (My favorite chef)