One of the Most Amazing Things

Truly one of the most beautiful and amazing things that God created, Yosemite National Park, is seen here in this time-lapse photography video put together by several very talented people.  It starts slow at first, but at about 2mins30secs...wait for it...the music crescendos and you'll get goosebumps. I recommend you put this on full screen to watch it and not have anything going on in the background so it won't skip.

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

I have very sweet and happy memories of spending many summers here with my family while growing up in California...

My dad (yes, that's him, can't you tell?) was driving through Yosemite Valley before I was born circa 197?...
 These memories include: driving through the hollowed-out redwoods, riding our bikes and feeding the deer in Yosemite Valley, camping in tents or in the "housekeeping" cabins, swimming in the clear, cold water of the Merced River and basking on the granite rocks in the summer heat, fishing with family and friends for trout and bass...

 Yep, that's me holding a dead fish, I think age 9 (yes, I really was once THAT tan.)

...Attending a very fun and memorable family reunion for my mom's side of the family (eating bean dip and fritos while sitting on beach blanket after swimming with my cousins and brother), wondering through Curry Village and seeing where and how the Native Americans lived in replicas of traditional huts. Standing in awe at the bottom of a waterfall and seeing the power and force of it, feeling the stinging spray on my hands and face.  Dreaming of one day your family affording to stay just ONE night at the Awanhee Hotel and seeing what it was like.  In the winter, drudging up to the top of a hill, feet and legs pushing through waist-height snow only to finally race down the hill while sitting on a thin plastic disk while getting a major adrenaline rush...I could keep going.  There is truly nothing like being there.  I hope someday to return with my family and share some many more wonderful memories!   

Riding in the back of my uncle Alex and aunt Pam's VW Van with my cousins, brother and mom, traveling to/from Yosemite 1988.  Love our expressions, especially Aaron's :)


such wonderful!
Anitra Sweet said…
wow! beautiful! we have to go there some day! cool pics leah!
Ed Pilolla said…
just clicked over from jody lee collins's place. she said you made that yellow and green suncatcher. just wanted to say it's fantastic. cheers.

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