Redeeming the Past

Recently I had a online conversation with one of my 'virtual' friends, Tina, a married Christian mom that I've never met.  She's been very encouraging towards me every time I've talked/asked her about life issues every time I've needed it.   I talked with her about the new movie "Bully" that came out in theaters about several stories of young teens and their struggles with bullying in school and how they're dealing with it.  Seeing the previews and stories of these kids lives seriously struck a chord with me because I was a victim of being bullied when I was fairly young (mainly 6th-8th grade).  Tina let me vent to her about my issues and what I went through and was able to share some very insightful and BIBLICAL examples and now I feel and see thing a lot differently.  If you can relate maybe these words will be encouraging to you too, and mom, PLEASE don't feel bad.  God has taken all this garbage from the past and wiped it clean, he's given me a new life, new chances and a HOPE to redeem the situation.  He is a BIG God that has covered all those sins with his blood, shown us there is another way and continues to show us to how to be more like HIM  because of it.  That's what I've learned so far.  Read and be blessed!

"Ezekiel was asked to prophecy to the Jews that had been taken into captivity. He was told they wouldn't listen. At times he had to lay on just one side for hundreds of days at a time. When his wife died he was told not to grieve. He did all these things to tell God's message to his people, but his life must have been miserable.

Abraham was told to wander in tents in a land not his own. John the Baptist came for the purpose to prepare the way for Jesus and as soon as his work was done he was killed by Herod. Joseph was sold by his own brothers and was a slave and was put in prison - it was to eventually bring the jews into Egypt to make them a nation, but he didn't know that at the time. There are so many others! God has his people to do hard things, but not because he doesn't care. He does care which is why he allowed his son to suffer so much for our sake.

We are told we will suffer as Christians. The apostle Paul suffered greatly for the cause of Christ. I realize suffering because we are doing what God wants us to do is not the same as being bullied, but my point is that God cares, even though he allows suffering.  So, we know God allows suffering for his sake and he also allows innocent people to suffer numerous things. If things were perfect here, we'd never seek God or desire God. This temporary place is not what is all about and we long for something better!

You've grown up, you wear cute clothes and pluck you eyebrows and put conditioner on your hair - and so what if you didn't? You have a husband you are crazy about and you love your family. I would say you weren't crushed by the torment you received. You know there is so much more to life here and the here after! Because of what you've been through, you can be more sympathetic to people who are a little different, you can care for those who have no voice. When you raise your own kids, you'll teach them the same thing. You will also teach them that God and the hope we have in Christ is what fills us. Others may hurt us, but they cannot snatch us from the hand of God, the only thing that really matters!

I am sorry for the pain that has been dredged up with this movie. You may choose not to see it. It is good to address things from our past - it makes us stronger for our future.

You are so right about parents and church leaders may have not prepared you for the harsh realities of life, but they were only trying to protect you. We all hope that the next generation will be different and not have to experience the pain. It may have ended up being neglectful,but the motives weren't bad.

Hugs to you, Leah. I know you can work through this!"

Here is a link to the website for the Bully movie if you're interested in seeing it:


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wow, so brave and powerful. Jesus blood DOES cover it all, but we also need to bring things out into the light so they can be healed.
nicely done!

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