Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge...

William says I need to find something to be more productive while sitting in coffee shops with him and he's drawing. There's been this constant force I feel that I'm fighting while sitting here passing time, not being productive, and I really, really want to break through that. You'd think that after a week of 40 hours standing on my feet in a kitchen, that I wouldn't mind sitting and being still. But in that fact, being in constant motion, production and action, my body simply won't let me be still.


Mandy McMahan said…
Okay...keep blogging! You should blog about your move. Hope it went well! And what does the 1403 stand for in your blog name?
Becky said…
Leah! I think that you should find a way to blog while you sit in the coffee shop. Hmm... or you could take up drawing yourself! :)

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