Always a 'to do...'

Every day, off and on, there's always a list of things to do in some way and capacity. Phone calls to make, bills to pay, getting a question answered, either online, by email, through someone. There's brainstorms and ideas and 'hypotheticals' for all sorts of aspects of life. For example, I still need to find a new dentist, call about getting our security system hooked up but they're not there later than 2:30pm Pacific time, following up with my L&I claim for my still numb fingers on my left hand, getting some estimates/bids on landscaping jobs for our backyard, paying our mortgage, looking up some low-carb dinner's never ending. All these small chores make life a little more interesting and after I've completely each one I feel like I got more room in my brain for something else, know what I mean? :)
Getting Connected here... 


Jen Ferguson said…
I totally know what you mean! After I check something off my list, I am so excited because I feel like I have more room for other things! So glad you are connecting here! I will place you in a small group!!
Leah Johnson said…
Thanks Jen, got your email with the other ladies in the group, I'll look at it soon :)
Lisa notes... said…
I know what you mean exactly. I am a list-maker from way back. I love crossing things off. :-) But even writing them down (on paper or digitally) helps me at least clear them out of my mind--I can stop trying to remember once I know it's written down somewhere. "Getting Things Done" was a great book to help me with this.

So glad you're in our group! I look forward to getting to know you more.

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