Sunday, June 03, 2012

hello again!

Well, I think I've gotten over my whole intimidation issue about reading other people's blogs and feeling completely inferior which is a very good thing.  I think finally letting it all out and venting really helped and having some nice kudos and comments from some of you was very encouraging :).  Got several things on my brain but can't type now, too late and tired to think.  Just wanted to keep posting regardless to keep this going, as I've said, I'm fighting back!


Barbara said...

And win you will! Have a blessed week, Leah!

Lisa notes... said...

So glad you're pushing past the intimidation thing. It's something we all have to get past--cuz it's too easy to feel "less" when we compare to what we think is the "more" out there. We ARE the "more" of ourselves. :-)

Keep fighting back! It encourages the fight in all of us.

Jenifer said...

Hi Leah! I am in your SDG group, but this is my first time visiting, I think anyway. Lol. I read so many blogs that sometimes I forget. ;)

I definitely had this problem when I first started blogging. But the thing is, if God called you to it, then you do it how He wants and to the best of your ability. We are all so very different. God has given us all different talents, abilities, and personalities. Continue to push past those feelings! Can't wait to read from you!