Short but sweet!

Had a very eventful, fun and memory-making weekend with my family and the babies and seeing so many people I haven't seen in a long time... First, read about the main event here at my mom's blog.

Now you can see pictures that I took with my husband's 'older' Sony semi-fancy, fat lens camera that I got to play with and take several good shots.  Tell me what you think. We went over to my parent's house first before the wedding reception to see them and my brother's family visiting from Vancouver for the weekend...

William having fun with baby Luke (our nephew).

Luke (8 months) and I
At the party, the middle kids quickly ran in all directions and found this fun bench swing.

Peter, Abigail and Paul

My cousin Jeremy and his beautiful bride, Amaleah.

My dad and the kiddos cuttin' a rug!

My uncle Dave (on the right) chatting...

The kiddos greeting Amaleah

Cutting the cake...

Smooshing the cake...

And dancing...

Traditional Groom/mom and Bride/Dad dance :)

To read more about my family's story and how this all happened, again, go here.


Barbara said…
What a fun wedding that must have been! You captured it well!
Lisa notes... said…
I love seeing these pictures! What a fun wedding. You captured the mood well. And you are so beautiful; glad to see you in the pics too. :-)
Leah, you got the best shots. Oh, it was such a joyful time!
Jenifer said…
Cute pictures!

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